Help to run DoCSoc! Committee election positions explained
Maurice Yap,  13 February 2018

This post is a write-up of my talk on Wednesday 14th February. If you went, there's no need to read this article. Click here for the slides.

It's election season again! Posters everywhere, leaflet bombardments and everyone on social media pretends to be interested in student politics! Don't worry though - it will all be over soon.

All of DoCSoc's committee positions will be up for election this time round. See the positions and incumbent members here.

Why should you run?

The point of DoCSoc's existence is to benefit Imperial College's Department of Computing students (hence the name). The primary reason you should consider running for committee is to make a big positive impact on your peers.

DoCSoc is lucky to be one of the largest and most active societies at Imperial, and this gives everyone on committee to learn some very useful skills which are hard to learn anywhere else at this stage in your life. These include management skills, organising an running large-scale events with lots of attendees and external exhibitors like IC Hack, the annual Sponsors' Exhibition and HealthHack, and finance and legal knowledge, like helping to write and analyse contracts and issuing invoices and purchase orders.

"wILl dOcSoC soMeTHiNg 2018/19 lOoK gOoD oN mY cV?"

If you're looking to go into the software engineering industry, which I assume most DoC students are, then the answer is no, probably not, at least not to any large extent (though many will disagree with me).

That doesn't mean that being on the DoCSoc committee is absolutely useless for your career capital though. Skills like being able to organise large events, and knowing the difference between a pro forma and a VAT invoice are ones which very few people have. Being an active member of committee also develops your ability to take ownership of things (and will teach you what that actually means if it sounds like just another useless LinkedIn buzzword to you) and this is something that will set you apart and be noticeable to people around you when you start working in "the real world".

If you want something to make your CV look good, I'd suggest getting a job or internship. I know of several of companies who may want to hire you.

Things all committee members do

Although each position has specific responsibilities which they are in charge of, all members of the committee, where possible, are expected to contribute towards:

  • finding sponsors before the beginning of the academic year by scouting out potentially interested companies, sending out emails and negotiating
  • helping out at events
  • replying to emails and managing social media.

Positions available

This is a quick overview of what each position does:

GameDev Officer

Effectively President of DoCSoc's internal GameDev society

  • Organise and oversee GameDev meetups
  • Oversee the Game Dev budget
  • Lead DoCSoc contribution towards organising HealthHack
  • Manage loaning of gaming-related equipment to members
    • Oculus Rifts
    • Games consoles


In charge of the website

  • Oversee maintenance and development of the DoCSoc and IC Hack website
    • Sponsors’ logos
    • Internal site
    • Events list
  • Create and maintain software tooling to assist the committee in their duties

Marketing and Publicity Officer

Makes sure that events are well-attended and people know about new initiatives

  • Manage DoCSoc and IC Hack’s branding
  • Create posters and flyers for events where necessary
  • Create and manage Facebook events
  • Update social media


In charge of communicating between the committee and DoCSoc members

  • Send out weekly Digest emails
  • Respond to general emails
  • Organise and take minutes of meetings

Events Officers (3 positions available)

Run events

  • Make sure food, drink and other amenities are ordered
  • Organise volunteers to help at each event where needed
  • Work with Marketing & Publicity Officer to publicise events
  • Be responsible for setup and pack down of events

Academic Events Coordinator

Organises academic-related events

  • Organise events such as UROP 101, Internship 101, Reading Groups
  • Liaise with Department to identify suitable events to run
  • Work with Marketing & Publicity Officer to publicise events
  • Work with Events Officers to run events

Social Events Coordinator

Organises social events, a.k.a. Social Secretary in other societies

  • Find interesting social events e.g. Trampolining, Go-Karting
  • Book venues and set dates for social events e.g. Bar Nights, Revel
  • Delegate events to be run by Events Officers
  • Work with Marketing & Publicity Officer to publicise events

Positions with Financial Responsibility

DoCSoc is not an entity in and of itself - like all other student societies at Imperial, it is a subsidiary of Imperial College Union, which is a charity. Financial Responsibility (FR) means being personally responsible for the financial transactions of DoCSoc for the 2018/19 academic year, and understanding that you may be held responsible for your actions in office for up to seven years after the end of your term in office. In most clubs and societies at Imperial, the Chair/President/Captain and Treasurer are the two people with FR. Because of the large volume and scale of financial transactions in DoCSoc, four committee roles have FR.

Because of this, it is strongly advised that those running for positions with Financial Responsibility have prior society committee experience at Imperial, as part of DoCSoc, IC Hack or another ICU society.

Industrial Events Coordinator

Organises sponsors' events, like tech talks, workshops and sponsored bar nights

  • Liaise with sponsors to organise suitable dates for events
  • Book event venues e.g. Imperial room bookings
  • Delegate events to be run by Events Officers
  • Work with Marketing & Publicity Officer to publicise events


In charge of budgeting, financial discipline and conducting financial duties

  • Create & manage budget with President
  • Monitor revenue and expenditures
  • Approve expenditure claims
  • Raise invoices approve purchase orders
  • Liaise with ICU Finance


Responsible for the day-to-day running of DoCSoc

  • Manage day-to-day running of society
  • Make sure duties are being fulfilled
  • Co-Direct sponsorship seeking with President


Oversees everything

  • Keep an eye on budget
  • Build working relationships with other societies, the department and Imperial College Union
  • Co-Direct sponsorship seeking with Vice-President

How can I run?

ICU Leadership Elections 2018

Nominate yourself at Nominations close at 23:59 on Sunday 25th February.


If you have anything you want to ask - about the process or about each position, drop an email to [email protected] or message the Facebook page.

Also feel free to get in contact with the incumbent members of committee. The list of current committee members are on the about page.