Services for other Imperial societies

DoCSoc is lucky to be one of the larger and more active societies within Imperial College Union. This means that we have a fair amount of equipment and consumable resources in our storage locations on campus. We are also able to provide many practical services and also have expertise in lots of areas.

If your society is running an event and require some of our equipment, we may be able to hire it out to you, which in most cases, is much cheaper and more practical than buying it or hiring externally. We also have a constant stock of consumable goods for events, so if you have an event on campus and require something last minute, we may be able to help!


  • Power extension leads (15x mix of 4-way and 6-way)
  • Hot water urns (2x 10 litre, 1x 30 litre)
  • Sack trucks (2x)


  • Canned fizzy drinks
  • Disposable cups, plates, bowls and cutlery
  • Large black bin bags
  • UHT milk
  • Sugar sachets
  • Tea bags


  • PAT testing for electrical equipment and cables


If your society wants to take advantage of any of the listed items, please email us at [email protected] with:

  • Your club or society
  • When you want to collect the items (if appropriate)
  • When you will return the items (if appropriate)
  • The event it is for, stating when it will be and the expected number of attendees