Imperial Department of Computing Society (DoCSoc)

The Department of Computing can be found at:

Huxley Building 180 Queen’s Gate London SW7 2RH

Information For Students

As the social bit of the Department of Computing, DoCSoc make it our mission to prove that all those long hours spent in labs are worth it after all! Honest!

To keep you on your toes, we run tech talks and visits to industry - for example, last year we visited Amazon's development centre here in London, and had a series of talks from startup founders and developers. There's also, of course, our famous yearly hackathon, ICHack, where the best developers from Imperial and beyond gather to build some really, really cool tech, all in 24 hours.

It's not all about ones and zeroes, though! This year we went ice skating, ran a cinema night (Hackers, obviously) and, of course, our ever-popular bar night over in the Union.

DoCSoc is run by DoC students, for DoC students (and for anyone interested in computing!), all to make your time at Imperial as enjoyable and rewarding as we can. Get involved!

We're all here for your benefit so come and talk to your reps and the DoCSoc committee and let us know what we can do for you!

To get in touch, please send an email to

Who are we?

  • Inara Ramji

    Inara Ramji

  • Alessandro Bonardi

    Alessandro Bonardi

    Vice President
  • Rachel Mekhtieva Lee

    Rachel Mekhtieva Lee

  • Kelvin Zhang

    Kelvin Zhang

  • Martin Zlocha

    Martin Zlocha

    Departmental Representative
  • Jack Pordi

    Jack Pordi

    Academic Events Coordinator
  • Rohan Pritchard

    Rohan Pritchard

    Industrial Events Coordinator and Sponsors Liaison
  • Jayati Sarkar

    Jayati Sarkar

    Social Events Coordinator
  • Anindita Ghosh

    Anindita Ghosh

    Events Officer
  • Serene Chongtrakul

    Serene Chongtrakul

    Events Officer
  • Szilveszter Szekely

    Szilveszter Szekely

    Events Officer
  • Fawaz Shah

    Fawaz Shah

    Marketing & Publicity Officer
  • George Soteriou

    George Soteriou

  • Athi Dharma

    Athi Dharma

    GameDev Officer