DoCSoc Brand Project
Kishan Sambhi,  1 April 2024

DoCSoc Unveils New Visual Identity

DoCSoc, a renowned hub of tech wizards at IMPERIAL, is thrilled to unveil its jaw-dropping rebrand, setting the stage for a revolution in digital creativity and computational wit. It follows the wildly successful rebranding of IC Hack, Europe’s largest student-run hackathon.

From June 2023 to February 2024, the DoCSoc Brand Project was fueled by caffeine, pizza, and late-night coding sessions. After an extensive DRP-style consultation to solicit feedback from at least three "very real people", our dedicated teams crafted a brand strategy that would make even the most seasoned hacker shed a tear of joy. The result: a visual identity that’s as inclusive and accessible as the latest JavaScript framework!

It's not just rooted in our labs heritage; it's rooted in the very fabric of the digital universe. Modern, confident, and expressive, it screams BSOD in a way that's both sophisticated and sassy. Our logo? It's not just an emblem; it's a symphony of pixels and syntax, representing our commitment to debug the world's problems, one line of coke code at a time.

Join us as we compile a future for DoCSoc that’s error-free, memory-safe (except for the bar nights) and full of possibilities!