Introducing DoCSoceroo
Chloe Lau,  1 April 2021

Introducing DoCSoceroo, DoCSoc’s all new delivery service to expand into membership catering delivery service. From wine tasting to your go to G&Ts to curly fries, you say it, we deliver.

DoCSoc has acquired a majority share at Deliveroo via their recent IPO on 31/3, and will be releasing discounted shares that DoCSoc members are able to convert their unredeemed DoCSoc Deliveroo vouchers at the rate of 20 shares per voucher.

Via this scheme, members could be able to redeem up to 60 shares at a time, and an early incentive to have double the shares if redeemed today, before noon.

We aspire to provide our members quality service, at a fraction of the price. We, as the first UK university society to acquire a public company, are really glad to offer this sincere offering to our members as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get stonks.

On top of our current DoGSock lineup, we will be adding RooPockets for Delivery™, the DoCSoc branded delivery bags warming your food.

Our official site is here at