Skype Office Visit
Imperial DoCSoc,  2 April 2013

Today I made a brief visit to Skype office to meet Philipp, Microsoft Staffing Consultant, to discuss future collaboration between Microsoft and DoCSoc.


DoCSoc and Microsoft have some history together:

  • Windows Phone camp on 3/7/2012
  • Skype lecture and Microsoft recruitments days are organized for 2nd time
  • Microsoft also supported us during ICHack (

New Skype office is located in the Chancery Lane area; door-to-door journey from Imperial campus takes about 25 min.

Office itself is very bright and friendly. Free coffee and breakfast for employees and their guests. Beer on Thursday.

You can see several photos from inside the office in this article

This summer term we will try to organize a few lectures about Microsoft latest technologies: Windows 8 development, C#, Building scalable applications in the cloud using Azure and many more cool stuff is coming up. Stay tuned.