Brainbow Games
Jose Kalladanthyil,  15 March 2013

On March the 13, Developers from Brainbow games gave a talk at Imperial about games development. Is very new and ambitious company is headquartered in London, UK. They state their mission to building the next generation of 'knowledge entertainment'!

Talks were given by Bertrand Lamarque one of the developers for SimCity and Xavier Louis (Ex Playfish Product Management) They together gave us a very interesting lecture about Game as a service. Also what they think would be the ideal makeup for a game development team. You have view slides here

The second talk was about the company brainbow games. Their past products and their current work in progress. Their talk culminated with a Q & A session where they talked about their experiences in the industry and also some of the setbacks of recent launches and what they thought some of the games lacked.

They are also looking for interns, to get more information check their website

We will continue working closely with Brainbow game to give you more of such events before the end of the year.