Snake Game Competition
Imperial DoCSoc,  14 December 2012

Maybe not many of you know buy since this year DoCSoc has Gamedev branch!


Last year group of DoC students expressed that it would be cool to do Gamedev in Imperial. This topic is not fully covered by the curriculum and yet we do not have many Games out there from Imperial.

You wanted it – We made it.

Gamedev Snake competition

Without any further ado, gamedev officer – Jose organized 3 weeks snake challenge – build any snake with any rules, use whatever you want.

In the end on 12nd of December Andrey and Jose organized a showcase and judging.

3 snake games were presented in various implementations:

  1. JavaScript snake, that eats links on selected web-page
  2. AnalogueSnake where you have to circle around you target build in Java
  3. SnakeShed, a Tower-defense like snake built on XNA

Each submission were assessed on 4 criteria: Bug free, Game Play, Entertainment and Creativity

The Java built snake won the competition. And George Steed got grand prize of this competition Xbox controller which he will use not only to play but to create new awesome games. Congratulations!


All submissions can be seen on github. Every participant that submitted their game will get a DoCSoc T-shirt when it’s going to arrive

We will continue to evolve Gamedev undertakings in Imperial.

How do I get involved:

Facebook group is point of communication. All events going to be advertised in DoCSoc weekly digest and on DoCSoc Facebook page.

Contact Jose