Python Week 3
Jack Pordi,  20 February 2018

Python Week 3 Challenges

As stated in lecture, from now on these tutorials will mostly be asking you to write certain functions in Python. If you have done the past 2 weeks' tutorials, you should be comfortable enough with the content such that implementing these functions into full programs (i.e. with user input) should not be too difficult. Remember, if you have any questions, join our slack and ask mentors questions there.

#1: Implement all of the previous week's challenges, as functions

  • Title is relatively self-explanatory: for example, write a function that prints the numbers pyramid like in #5 when given a number n.
  • For each function, can you think of a way to implement them using while/for loops? What about using recursion?

More questions coming soon (but the above should certainly keep you busy for a while!)